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PhatSpider is a modern domain crawling technology built by SEO experts to find expired domains related to your niche. Conquer your marketing sector in zero time. Don’t be a fool, be an SEO on steroids!

What is PhatSpider and what is it good for?

PhatSpider is a SaaS (software as a service) solution to find valuable expired domains which are related to your niche. After regular updates of major search engine algorithms, theme related expired domains became an important topic for efficient ranking improvements. A lot of domains which expire every day already have useful backlink profiles and traffic from users who could be your new customers. Safe a lot of time by jumping on the effort which has previously been done. Be smart and outrank your competitors. Dominate your marketing sector. Profit of PhatSpiders domain targeting solutions and get all relevant informations about your crawl results.

Recreate expired domain projects
and gain more success

Focus on what is important. Profit from what has already been done.
Optimize your workflow and drive more SEO Traffic than ever before.

Greater success. Less effort.

Find high metrics expired domains with a useful domain history for your project. We will help you to get things done faster and increase your niche influence.

Increased efficiency.

Our provided instant data as our real-time analytics tracking of your crawler-jobs, will show you all informations you need to know, for making fast and right decisions about found expired domains.

Save time. Be faster.

Don’t do work which has been done already. Use our instant data to identify expired domains which are valuable in your niche. With the upcoming domain registration tool, you can automatically register domains in seconds.

Domain targeting solutions
made for you.

Crawl an unlimited amount of websites which are in your interest. Use our app functions to build PBNs and outrank your competitors.

An insight into the PhatSpider Software

  • The PhatSpider Dashboard

    The PhatSpider Dashboard

  • The campaign overview

    The campaign overview

  • Start and stop your spiders

    Control your spiders

  • The crawling function

    Overview of your spider templates

  • Export your Expired Domains

    Export your Expired Domains

  • Overview of your Expired Domains

    Expired Domain Overview

Why valuable expired domains
are so important for your SEO success.

There are thousands of domains which expire every day for different reasons. Some owners decide to shut down the site, don’t pay the costs or just forget to renew the domains. The good thing about these expired domains is, that some of them are very valuable for your search engine optimization and your digital growth. After dealing with this topic for a long time we can say for sure that using a high metrics expired domain is much more efficient than registering a new one. You can safe a lot of time by jumping on the effort which has previously been done by your competitors.

PhatSpider is made for finding expired domains which are related to your niche and already have/had top rankings in search engines. These domains are so useful because they already gained traffic and backlinks. Moreover some expired domains already have domain authority which is an import indicator for your ranking success. Profit of the trust and chronology of your expired domains. Use project related expired domains which simplify your search engine optimization. Build your your own PBNs (private blog networks) in real time, to push your site and outrank competitors. Through the new updates of search engine algorithms, just redirecting (301) non related expired domains to your project doesn’t work any longer. From now on you can use PhatSpider for building up your project with domains which have valuable inbound links and traffic on the niche you focus on. Identify the quality of your crawling results by using our instant data like Domainpop, Linkpop, Sistrix Sl (visibility index) or MOZ data. The integrated ‘Wayback-Machine' of Amazon allows you to check the history of the expired domains so you can rebuild the old content or build similar sites. With PhatSpider you can do serious SEO and safe your time.

Make your Search Engine Optimization

Professional SEOs know how to start a successful project: Focus on your main keywords or reactivate old projects with high quality backlinks. PhatSpider will help you to safe a lot of time and offer you a big advantage when it comes to project and related backlink building. Use trusted high metrics domains and conquer any keyword you focus on.

PhatSpider Expired Domains

Interested in PhatSpider?

PhatSpider was made for personal usage. We as a SEO agency and long time webmasters know what requirements it takes to get high rankings in search engines effectively. Currently PhatSpider is available for Beta Users only. Sign up now to get invited for using our Spider for personal or commercial usage.

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Overview of our Software Functions

Our software offers a big possibility catalog. Equal if you are a professional SEO or marketer - PhatSpider is the right tool to increase your niche success. Get some insights in our software:

A overview of the PhatSpider functions

Multiple Crawler - at the same time.

Search through multiple projects at the same time and find Expired Domains for almost all top level domains.

Super fast.

The built-in crawl engine of PhatSpider is very fast. Set the number of threads by yourself and determine the crawl speed.

Real Time Application.

PhatSpider and its integrated crawler engine deliver your results instantly and in real-time.


With PhatSpider you can now see exactly which specific Google Keyword was used to find an Expired Domain. You can instantly register relevant Expired Domains - without additional costs.

Content Relevance.

PhatSpider is designed to find Expired Domains, which correspond exactly to your topic and are also linked from niche relevant websites. Search engines and their new algorithms evaluate content relevance more than ever before.

Integrated alignment for your niche.

Use the integrated Google Importer to search for projects that link to Expired Domains in your niche. Your domains are thus linked from websites that already have top positions in the search engines .


Our metrics and links help you quickly distinguish important from unimportant. Whether Alexa's Wayback machine, the Google Cache, Sistrix or Majestic, you can reach everything with just one click.

Export Tool.

The export tool allows you to export your Expired Domains so you can reuse them in different environments. No matter if you want to export the results of your Campaign, a Single Domain or global results. The exports contain all the important metrics and data.



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